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Minggu, 16 Desember 2018

Here the right way for setting Robot.txt in Blogger Platform

Here the right way for setting Robot.txt in Blogger Platform

If you are a Blogger who still need to learn a lot about the workings of search engines do Index against website content that you own, then one of the things you need is Robots.txt settings for the right way.

Robots.txt itself is a tool that I think is important, because this tool can be used to control the actions of a crawling Robot on the website you have, generally the robot.txt usage is quite simple, that even though you do is just put the commands only.

However, at this time we won't talk much about anything related could do with the robots.txt, but will only speak the correct or right settings related to can apply on the website with the Blogger platform.

Need to know, the actual configuration of robots.txt is very in need by the search engines, such as Google Search, Bing, Yandex, Duckduckgo and others, for it is the use of Robots.txt, if you wrong in implemented it will very negative for you blog content in search engine, because content or articles  can't indexed well by search engines.

In the fact by default Blogger platform does not enable this feature, but your content Blog actually still can indexed by Search Engine like Google Search and other and there only one different if you Active or Deactive Robot.txt is you can't manage the Robot for crawling you site.

If the Robot.txt active you can input a special command for block robot crawl for some article or content, for the result Search Engine will decline that.

Here is for the right setting Robots.txt, in the meaning of the word "true" is also "standard" because that is the standard that it is always true, you can following this step for making Robot.txt active :

1. Please sign-in to your Blogger dashboard.
2. Next enter Settings > > Search Preferences.
3. On this page refer to the Custom robots.txt, default is disable, click Edit to enable this feature.

4. Then insert this following command:

User-agent: *
Sitemap: YOUR BLOG NAME/sitemap.xml

Then the result will be like this:

5. The last step, press Save Changes.

Now you already successfully activated robots.txt and next just wait the search engines do index automatically against new content on your website, remember don't do stupid things with this feature, because the consequences can be very risky.

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