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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Remove Blogger Post

How to Remove Blogger Post in the Right way

How to Remove Blogger Post in the Right way

If you a Blogger who want to seriously in this area, you have to colleagues specializing everything properly and seriously, because each step that you make might deem trivial may misfire which resulted in negative effects, thus controlling the risk was very important to do.

Like this one, even though it sounds easy deleting a post article on Blogger that there is also the procedure and don't do it in vain, because the side effects of the wrong way is the your Blog visibility in the Search Engine will be go down dramatically.

Why? because if you just deleted the Post the status will be display at Error 404 Page, in the fact it would be bad for User Experience.

The fact is Search engines like Google and Bing it always put a High Ranking for blogs with high User Experience rating, it means your Blog must be Safe, Fast and Clear, if the Error 404 Page comes up, this is will destroy everythings about Ranking and Navigating.

Then the worst of scenario is a Blog will receive a reduction Point from the search engines it will Negative affect to SERP Ranking!

Then, how to remove Blogger Post in right way? Actually is very easy to do, you just must Follow these step :

1. Go to the Post that you want to delete, and then Copy the Permalink, only copy the back side, example :

Just Copy this part :


2. Next, Go to Blogger Dashboard, then enter Settings > > Search Preferences.
3. Create Custom Redirect with a format like this:

How to Remove Blogger Post in the Right way

Remember insert slash symbol "/" at the beginning of the part Permalink URL yhat your Copy before.
4. Make sure tick Permanent Redirect option, for example like this:

How to Remove Blogger Post in the Right way

5. Press Save and then press Save Changes.
6. Final Step is remove (Delete) the article Post in Blogger Dashboard.
7. finish

This way will be change to Error 404 Page to the Permanent Redirect in another Page Post, in this case to Homepage, this way will be better than getting Error 404 Page that is very Bad for SEO.

By doing this, the Visitor Traffic Blog and Rank your Blog will not be decreased significantly,

Remember always do the things that I've mentioned above when you want to delete the Post article, if there are hundreds of posts that you want to remove, no other way, you must remove it by one of articles.

If you using that tutorial above, I guarantee your blog Traffic will not reduce/gone very quickly, because I've experienced before.

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