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PUAVault is a largest site for Blogger Template Themes, we share any Legal and Official Blogger Template Themes around the World without change anythings code such as Add, Edit or Remove, we only share with original source template site. PUAVault will update everydays if there was a new Template release.
We don't share any Illegal Blogger Template Themes, all themes in this site are Legal and Official to Share with 2 Label (Free) and (Premium), for Payment Method we will redirect to Official Site. So, PUAVault is a pure site for sharing only.

All Link will we inspect directly, this way for decreasing risk Error Link, if no Available to Buy or Download, we will decline the Post Themes, for wait the Link is Work, or we can't remove the Link Permanently.

Our Mission

We will Bring all of the Blogger Template Themes form the internet, then we will share in this site, without any modifications, so the Creator and Developers Template will get more Benefit, such as Increasing Selling and then your Brand will be more Exposed.

Our Vision

Like you know, in this time, Blogger Profession is decreasing significantly time of the time, most people on the internet business choose alternative method, like become Youtuber or Streamer, Writing on the Blog is no primary choice now for get some buck, so we here sad with this situations, because of that, here we will keep the Blogger Traditions and Existing that Profession, anyone can be grow and popular with Blogger, for the main start here we provide best of Free and Premium Template, for push the Blogger Profession.

Benefit for Template Creator

Like we said before, the Creator or the Official Template Developers, will be helped with Increasing Sell of that Template, we doesn't take a some charge to Creator and you doesn't submit your new Template here, we have a system and we have a Professional worker to see and find the Blogger Template Themes in the Internet.

We Hate Illegal Piracy

Template is a Art and that must be full appreciated, we here want your Template knowing by the World, we want the creative people get extra buck for they hardwork, so after the end, we will hate the Piracy people, they are is garbage!

Our Office

We Live in Stockholm, but for office? ya, we work in garage now.

Our Member

Now, we have 5 worker, so for salary we only get from ads or support from user this site.

Why we using Blogger Platform?

Because we know, we only need site, only that, Blogger are Cheap and we all poor, that's the fact, but we are have dream, for making this site great with only using Blogger! so, please support we.
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